Financial Strategy

EVN is pursuing a balanced strategy of deploying the financial resources at its disposal. This is designed to enable both an attractive dividend policy as well as sufficient financial strength
to ensure the financing of investment projects. The focus is on the following aspects:
  • Maintaining ratings in the solid A range in order to take advantage of favourable financing costs
  • A balanced investment policy to enhance the company’s value
  • Maintaining earnings contributions from foreign activities and strategic investments
  • Maintaining an attractive dividend policy
When concluding all financing transactions, EVN attaches great importance to ensuring a balance and diversification of the applied financing instruments, the targeted regional markets and the contractual partners.

Special attention is paid to effectively managing the structure of the debt maturity profile and the debt portfolio. In financing with foreign currencies, the exchange rate risk is hedged when concluding the relating contracts, in order to avoid being subject to the volatilities of currency markets.

Relevant key figures on the financing structure:
  30.09.2019 30.09.2018 30.09.2017
Equity ratio 55.6% 52.3% 48.8%
Net Debt Coverage (FFO) 50.9% 69.0% 48.7%
Interest Cover (FFO) 11.7x 14.4x 10.1x