Application process

Application process

Do you want to successfully apply for a job with EVN? In this section we provide useful hints and information.

Show initiative
Don't wait any longer for THE ideal offer, just send us your unsolicited application - your first step towards your career launch at EVN takes  no longer than 5 minutes! Your application documents are going to be scanned by our HR department and saved in our database for future reference. As soon as there is a job opening that fits your profile, we will glady invite you to join our application process. 

Convince us
When submitting your application documents, make sure that you present yourself in the best possible light. Your letter of motivation should show us what knowledge and experience you have and why you want to work for EVN. Show us that you are the ideal candidate for this position. Show your professionalism, your motivation and your objectives.

The right documents
To get a picture of you, we need the following documents (as doc or pdf):

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Graduation and service certificates
  • Photo
  • Letter of motivation
After the application
If you have made a speculative application, you will receive a confirmation that your application documents have been received. If an open position suits you, we will contact you. The next step is for us to invite you for an interview. This interview will be conducted by representatives of the department and an employee from the Human Resources department.

First job interview
In the first interview, general topics are discussed, such as your professional experience, education and further training, interests and hobbies, and your wishes for your future career. We will introduce you to EVN and the specific field of expertise and we are also interested in what you have already researched about us.
Second job interview
If the first interview has convinced us, we will invite you to a second interview where you will get to know the business unit manager.

After the interviews
If both interviews were successful, we will inform you by telephone about the acceptance and send you your employment contract. If your education or work experience does not meet the requirements, you will receive a rejection and your application will be stored in our applicant database for future positions with your consent.
The entire application process can take up to six weeks. This depends on the number of applicants and the availability of the employees involved.
Asked ...

... our new employees:

Through an internship, I was already able to gain insight into the department. During this time I noticed positively the calm and correct work. I also appreciate the fact that the employment contract was discussed in detail, which is a huge help, especially for newcomers.
(Stefan Weiguni, Net - Engineering Electricity)

I already have years of experience with EVN as a supplier and when it was time for a career change, EVN was my favourite employer. The application process was very professional - especially because of the open interview and the confidentiality that was shown.
(Gerhard Sachtiz, IT)