Diploma thesis

Diploma thesis

Are you planning on writing your diploma thesis focusing on the energy sector?

Entering a new century, EVN grants three research fellowships.
We are looking for young scientists who want to apply with research projects in the following areas:
  • Culture and society
  • Technology and economy
  • Environment and climate
We do not predetermine any specific subjects but to a certain extent they derive from the areas of research.

What we need: 
  • Your commitment in 2022 (Project duration is one year, the academic year from October 2021 to September 2022 is also possible)
  • Your application by 30 June 2021 
  • CV and list of publications 
  • Description of your research project which is integrated in international institutions and/or programmes
  • Publication plan

What it takes:
  • You are an EU citizen with your centre of interest in Austria. 
  • You have a master’s or doctor’s degree or PhD.
  • You are willing to present your research work to EVN employees in lunch lectures.
  • You are able to communicate your work effectively and are willing to participate in EVN events, e.g. job fairs. 

What we offer: 
  • Appropriate remuneration, depending on the form of employment and collaboration 
  • A contact person within EVN who is your expert supervisor 
  • A temporary job opportunity at the EVN headquarters, Maria Enzersdorf 
  • Many contacts in an innovative energy and environmental services company

You can find a summary here.
Details are available here.
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