Business areas

Business areas

The activities of the EVN Group comprise energy and environmental services as well as other spheres of business.


In the energy business, EVN follows an integrated business model that covers the entire value chain in this area. The related activities include energy generation, the operation of energy distribution networks and the delivery of energy to end customers. EVN is active in the areas of electricity, natural gas and heat – with different focal points in the individual markets. In addition, a thermal waste utilisation plant with an annual capacity of 500,000 t is operated in Zwentendorf/Dürnrohr. In regional terms, EVN’s activities in the Energy business comprise Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Croatia.

Activities in the environmental services business include drinking water supplies in Lower Austria and the international project business, which the German subsidiary WTE Wassertechnik GmbH is responsible for. Depending on the scope of the project, it includes the planning, construction, financing and operation of energy-efficient, resource-conserving and ecologically optimised plants for drinking water supplies, wastewater disposal and thermal waste utilisation.

Business areas Segments Activities
Energy business Energy
  • Marketing of electricity produced in the Generation Segment
  • Procurement of electricity, natural gas and primary energy carriers
  • Trading with and sale of electricity and natural gas to end customers and on wholesale markets
  • Production and sale of heat
  • 45.0% investment in ENERGIEALLIANZ Austria GmbH
  • Investment as sole limited partner in EVN Energievertrieb GmbH & Co KG (EVN KG)
  • Generation of electricity from thermal production capacities and renewable energy sources at Austrian and international locations
  • Operation of a thermal waste utilisation plant in Lower Austria
  • 13.0% investment in Verbund Innkraftwerke GmbH (Germany)
  • 49.0% investment in Walsum 10 hard coal power plant (Germany)
  • 49.99% investment in Ashta run-of-river power plant (Albania)
  • Operation of distribution networks and network infrastructure for electricity and natural gas in Lower Austria
  • Cable TV and telecommunication services in Lower Austria and Burgenland
  South East Europe
  • Operation of distribution networks and network infrastructure for electricity in Bulgaria and Macedonia
  • Sale of electricity to end customers in Bulgaria and Macedonia
  • Generation of electricity from hydropower in Macedonia
  • Generation, distribution and sale of heat in Bulgaria
  • Construction and operation of natural gas networks in Croatia
  • Energy trading for the entire region
Environmental services business Environmental Services
  • Water supply and wastewater disposal in Lower Austria
  • International project business: planning, construction, financing and/or operation (depending on the project) of plants for drinking water supplies, wastewater treatment and thermal waste utilisation
Other business Strategic Investments and Other Business
  • 50.03% investment in RAG-Beteiligungs-Aktiengesellschaft, which holds 100% of the shares in Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft (RAG)
  • 73.63% investment in Burgenland Holding AG, which holds a stake of 49.0% in Energie Burgenland AG
  • 12.63% investment in Verbund AG
  • Corporate services