Markets served by EVN

Markets served by EVN

Our portfolio covers electricity, gas and heat supply, water supply and wastewater management as well as thermal waste utilisation.

Market Presence

EVN's main regions of operation are Austria, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Germany, each with a workforce of more than 100.  The two main lines of business are the national and international energy business (energy production, network operation including cable TV and telecommunication, and energy supply) and environmental services (supply of drinking water, wastewater disposal, thermal waste utilisation), complemented by strategic investments.

Lower Austria
EVN supplies electricity, natural gas, heat, drinking water, cable TV and telecommunication services to around 2 m customers in Lower Austria. At Dürnrohr, EVN operates a thermal waste utilisation plant with a capacity of 500 000 tons per year and a thermal capacity of 210 MW.

Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe
In Bulgaria, EVN supplies electricity and heat to approx. 1.8 m customers.  In addition, EVN operates a cogeneration plant in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

In Macedonia, EVN supplies electricity to 0.9 m customers and operates eleven hydropower plants with a capacity of around 48 MW.

In Croatia, EVN is involved in the construction and operation of the natural gas network in the counties of Zadar, Split-Dalmatia and Šibenik-Knin, based on concessions.

As to international activities, the EVN Group’s German subsidiary WTE is among Europe’s leading service companies in the field of water and environmental resources management, with over 100 successfully implemented projects in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. WTE’s core competence is the customised planning and construction of energy-efficient, resource-conserving and ecologically optimised plants for drinking water supply, wastewater disposal and thermal waste utilisation.  Operating the plants and providing financial resources for projects completes the range of services at the level of international business projects.  The entities contracting WTE are usually cities and municipalities in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. In total, the wastewater treatment plants planned and constructed by WTE Water Technology since its founding have cleaned and recycled the sewage of around 16.8 m people.

 In the business year 2018/19, EVN was active in altogether 16 countries