EVN corporate policy statement

EVN corporate policy statement

Our vision, our mission, our values

Our vision

As an energy and environmental services provider we fulfil the daily needs of our customers. Through our reliable and high quality services we make a sustainable contribution to their quality of life.

Our mission

We create value through high profitability and by assuming corporate social responsibility, thus ensuring the long-term success of the EVN Group. On this base we offer our customers competitive prices, our shareholders a sustainable enhancement of value and our employees attractive working conditions.

From our headquarters in Lower Austria we focus primarily on the dynamically growing region of Central and Eastern Europe, where we are seeking to establish a strong market position.

In the energy and environmental services segments our business operations are mainly designed to serve end customers. In order to meet their expectations as optimally as possible we have developed the highest quality standards for both our products and services.

Sustainable performance in the provision of electricity, gas, heating, drinking water, wastewater treatment or waste incineration services requires outstanding know-how, a high level of efficiency, a state-of-the-art infrastructure and a constant willingness to innovate.

Our values

We have defined highly ambitious standards of behaviour that apply to the way in which we operate and manage our Group and these correspond with the assumption of a high level of responsibility in our daily supply, waste and wastewater management activities. For us adherence to fundamental ethical principles and all relevant legal regulations is a matter of course.

We are committed to the principle of sustainable corporate governance and therefore endeavour to balance economic, ecological and social considerations. Our main priority is to ensure a fair and reasonable balance of the needs of all company stakeholders.

The economic responsibility of securing the long-term existence of our Group demands outstanding performance on our part. A high level of competence and reliability ensure the satisfaction of our customers and business partners. In turn, they represent the underlying basis for our sustained corporate success.

In particular we fulfil our responsibility to the environment by endeavouring to optimally husband the natural resources entrusted to us, minimise waste gas emissions and promote the use of renewable energy sources. Ongoing innovations and increased efficiency make a decisive contribution towards achieving these goals.

We also fulfil our social responsibility in a variety of ways. The commitment we demonstrate to ensuring the well-being of our employees and fair and attractive salary levels, as well as our maintenance of a positive corporate culture featuring openness, loyalty and mutual respect are as important as our emphasis on serving people and achieving an appropriate positioning within the framework of a society shaped by a diverse range of influences. This approach encompasses a high level of transparency and the willingness to engage in an ongoing dialogue, both in- and outside the company.