Energy. Water. Life.

Energy. Water. Life.

Our vision, our mission, our values

Our vision

We ensure and improve the quality of life for our customers.

As an energy and environmental services provider, we fulfil the basic daily needs of our customers and make a sustainable contribution to improving the quality of their lives with reliable and exceptional Performance.

Our mission

We create value by protecting the long-term success of our Group through individual responsibility and high efficiency. This forms the basis for competitive prices to customers, a sustainable increase in value for our shareholders and attractive working conditions for our employees. All our activities are accompanied by the careful use of natural resources.

From our home base in Lower Austria, we concentrate, above all, on the regions of Central and Eastern Europe where we want to further develop our strong position.

At EVN, we follow the highest quality standards to optimally meet our customers‘ high expectations – for our products as well as our services.

Sustainable performance in electricity, natural gas, heat and drinking water supplies as well as wastewater treatment and thermal waste utilisation requires excellent know-how, high efficiency, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a continuous willingness to innovate.

Our values

Demanding principles that define the framework for our Group’s business operations and management underscore the high responsibility for our daily supply and disposal activities. Compliance with fundamental ethical principles and all relevant legal requirements is a matter of course for us.

We are committed to the concept of sustainable corporate governance and endeavour to balance economic, ecological and social aspects in all our activities. Our guiding principle is to achieve and maintain a reasonable balance between the interests of all our stakeholders.

Economic responsibility for the long-term existence of our Group requires our top performance. Highest expertise and reliability ensure the satisfaction of our customers and partners who, in turn, are the underlying basis for our sustainable success.

Our responsibility for the environment is met, above all, through the greatest possible conservation of resources, the minimisation of emissions and the increased use of renewable energy carriers. Continuous innovation and efficiency improvements play a decisive role here.

We promise our employees jobs with a purpose and responsibility. As the most diverse employer in Lower Austria, we offer an attractive working environment with flexible hours, home office, family-friendly career paths and modern workplaces. We are convinced that we can attain excellence through teamwork, individual responsibility and personalised human resources development.

We provide material and immaterial support for numerous activities and measures – from our employees as well as third parties – in the areas of art, culture, society and sport. This includes high transparency and a belief in dialogue, both inside and outside the company.