EVN materiality matrix

The EVN materiality matrix gives a systematic presentation of the most important sustainability issues. It was revised and updated following a stakeholder survey in 2016/17.

The values on the X axis describe the importance of the social, ecological and economic effects of EVN’s business activities (“impact”) in connection with the individual areas of activity. The Y axis reflects average relevance for stakeholders.


Regular evaluation of the main sustainability-oriented areas of action

EVN has been compiling the main areas of activity underlying its sustainability efforts since the year 2008. In 2010 an online survey was conducted for the first time on the issue of sustainability, both within the company and with the most important stakeholders. The results serve as the basis for sustainability targets and measures of the EVN Group. 

Since then, the scope and relevance of these areas of activity have been regularly analysed both in an internal processing of defining targets as well as in discussions with stakeholders. Within the context of the stakeholder survey 2016/17, the areas of activity have been further developed and sharpened and new priorities have been defined.

Detailed information on EVN’s areas of activity are shown in the download area.