EVN supports the UN Global Compact

EVN supports the UN Global Compact

In the course of expanding its international activities, in September 2005 EVN joined the UN Global Compact and thus committed itself to adherence to the global principles of ethical and ecological business conduct.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Sustainable Development Goals are globally relevant objectives adopted by the United Nations (UN) in January 2016. The 17 global goals are subdivided into 169 sub-goals; their content builds on the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  This strategy is designed to resolve challenging environmental, economic and social issues such as climate change, inequality and poverty, by 2030. It is important that these challenges are met globally, by each state and its society as a whole.

As the SDGs are based on a process of participation, it follows that their implementation is also a common responsibility shared by governments, the private sector, science and the civil society. As an internationally active enterprise, EVN has been committed to the UN Global Compact and views the implementation of the SDGs as an opportunity to pursue economic goals and at the same time contribute to sustainable development.

EVN has analysed its Sustainability Areas of Action from the perspective of the Sustainable Development Goals. In the course of analysis, an investigation was also conducted to ascertain which elements of the CSR programme of EVN already contribute to reaching individual SDGs. The results of this analysis are shown in the table Areas of Action - SDG.

Among the goals, the focal areas supported by the EVN are safeguarding provision (SDG9) including water supply (SDG6), renewable energy sources (SDG7) and climate protection (SDG13) as well as energy efficiency (SDG12), with a variety of services provided to our customers. These goals also correspond to our main Areas of Action, which are regularly determined by our stakeholders.

Learn more about EVN‘s contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals from Stefan Syzoszkowitz, member of the Executive Board: (video in German)