Sustainability reporting at EVN

As a responsible energy and environmental services provider, EVN is committed to balanced and equal treatment of the interests and requirements of all stakeholder groups. Therefore, sustainability reporting at EVN has a long tradition.

EVN’s Full Report according to GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)
The publication of EVN’s first environmental report in 1990 was followed by continuous improvements over the following years and subsequent development into a sustainability report in 2002. EVN has published an integrated annual and sustainability report, a so-called “full report”, for each financial year since 2009/10. The equal treatment of sustainability content, including the sustainability programme, with the annual report and corporate governance report reflects EVN’s self-image as a responsible energy and environmental services provider.

A central element of EVN’s integrated business model is the well-balanced treatment of its various stakeholder groups. This is reflected, above all, in the EVN materiality matrix, which identifies the priority topics for the various interest groups based on a regular survey. The multifaceted and diverse information needs of these target groups are reflected in the structure of this full report and its focus on the most important issues. The GRI content index provides a comprehensive overview of the most important subjects in agreement with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). GRI content outside this scope is not presented. This report meets the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) “comprehensive standards“ and also includes additional company-specific indicators. The EVN Full Report 2016/17 also meets the high requirements defined by the UN Global Compact and also presents EVN’s progress in meeting the relevant standards..

Data collection and review
The accounting department, controlling department, human resources management and environmental protection and sustainability department were responsible for the collection and calculation of data. The data are based on the respective GRI standards, which were applied as completely as possible. Compliance with this reporting standard and the related criteria was reviewed and officially confirmed by the independent testing institute TÜV SÜD.

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GRI Content Index 2016/17
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EVN areas of activity
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