Branding and advertising

Branding and advertising

Energy is part of every aspect of our lives. We have countless opportunities to utilise energy in a more rational and efficient way.

The EVN brand

EVN is a strong brand in Lower Austria. Besides security of supply, its key values include expertise based on many years’ experience, and regionality. The brand values thus constitute the foundation of EVN’s position as a high-quality service provider that is firmly rooted in the region.

EVN advertising started in the days when the company was founded, back in 1922, under the name of NEWAG (Lower Austrian electricity industry corporation). The advertising emphases, slogans and themes were developed in line with the strategic focuses of the company. Whereas, at the outset, advertisements highlighted EVN’s engineering competence and infrastructure development, over the decades the focus has increasingly shifted to energy consulting and the sensible use of resources.

The EVN advertising campaigns always convey a sense of closeness, comfort, trust, security and zest for life. As of 2013, the "Storyteller" has become a regular feature of all advertising themes (here, the German for “storyteller”, Geschichtenerzähler, is a pun on “meter”, Zähler).






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