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Communication on an equal footing with our suppliers is our chief objective. Consequently, fair relations with our business partners are part of EVN’s quality assurance.

Always up to date via the EVN Procurement Portal

The EVN Group handles all tenders via a special online portal. Here, companies interested in a collaboration with EVN can register free of charge and add their company profile, their range of services and their performance profile.

The Procurement Portal is 100% web-based; thus, no additional software is needed. Registered companies can

  • keep their contact information updated and enter or change the names of contact persons, as well as
  • update the information about the company by themselves at any time. In this way, a complete portfolio of products and services including any authorisations and qualifications is available as needed.

Also, registration is a prerequisite for taking part in tenders. Whenever a suitable request or tender is available, registered suppliers will be notified via e-mail. Then they can download the documents with all the related information directly from the Procurement Portal and subsequently submit their bid online.

Use the Procurement Portal of the EVN Group to directly contact the person in charge of the respective invitation to tender. Find your contact person at a glance and contact us directly via e-mail or phone if you have any questions.  

In order to submit a binding tender, a digital signature is required. In the Downloads section (below) you'll find written instructions as well as a video. For further information and to apply for a digital signature see the following link:

Sustainable and fair

Together with our suppliers, we are committed to developing innovative energy solutions for our customers, using the necessary resources in the best possible way.

Thus, in all our procurement activities, we put great emphasis on an equitable basic approach, fair business practices and open dialogue.

In this endeavour, our guiding principles are:

  • profitability
  • free and fair competition
  • equal treatment of all competitors
  • confidentiality throughout the business transaction
  • transparency and documentation of the results
  • conservation of the environment and natural resources
  • social responsibility
  • observing human rights and workers' safety
  • sustainability of the supply chain

The sustainable alignment of all procurement processes at EVN is ensured through strategic supplier management (SSM). For instance, the SSM establishes procedures for handling ESG risks with business partners and material groups, ranging from sustainable award criteria to audits, and even to the exclusion of suppliers or termination of business relationships.

Our Integrity Clause for suppliers defines the guidelines for sustainable procurement and the responsibilities and duties of suppliers in this context. The EVN Integrity Clause, which is binding for all suppliers, is available on the EVN website for all investors, investment and corporation partners, contractors and stakeholders.

Additional information:

You have questions about the EVN procurement portal or about the company's procurement processes?

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Allgemeine Einkaufsbedingungen PDF - data, 150 kB Allgemeine Einkaufsbedingungen - EN PDF - data, 87 kB Integritätsklausel PDF - data, 57 kB Integritätsklausel - EN PDF - data, 57 kB Vertragsbedingungen Werkvertrag Bau- und Baunebengewerbe PDF - data, 327 kB Allgemeine Nutzungsbedingungen Beschaffungsportal der EVN Gruppe PDF - data, 51 kB Auktionsordnung der EVN Gruppe PDF - data, 85 kB Anleitung Digitale Signatur - Angebot elektronisch signieren PDF - data, 98 kB Anforderungen elektronische Rechnungsübermittlung PDF - data, 73 kB Auszug aus Konzernanweisung 10_22 PDF - data, 253 kB Security Requirements for Suppliers PDF - data, 298 kB